Secret Facts About Star Fruits

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Health Benefits of Eating Star Fruit

Star Fruit wikipedia

Carambola or star fruit is different from the tropical regions of the world grown. Indonesia and India, whose popularity has led to the worldwide spread. It is also known as an excellent fruit with a high amount of healthy food.

low fat

The average star fruit — 8.4 inches long — should not exceed 33 calories and 0.4 grams of fat. This, along with its sweet and sour taste makes it a popular addition to refrigerators for food. “

Digestive Health

All star fruit is edible, even the skin. In fact, the skin is rich in tannins, which support the intestinal control process and are an effective treatment for diarrhea. The inside of the fruit is rich in fiber, which also helps control the digestive system.

Growing a Star Fruit Tree

Yes, if you like fruit but want something more than an apple tree to age and want to try something unusual to try. So why not a star fruit growing tree?

They have their roots in Asia and grow like an average tree 25–30 meters in height. As the name suggests, the cultivation of the fruit is stellar, at least when it is open! Fruits are harvested when they are 3–6 cm long (but not more than six inches).

Although isolated from most of us, as an unusual fruit, it is easy to grow, even though they live in a warm area. In northern Europe, it can grow in an environment that absorbs heat, but it does not fight, because a drop in temperature overnight in winter, with a maximum depth of 20 feet [20 m] or more, may seem uncontrollable.

However, if you live in a warm, humid climate, such as southern Europe or are trying to grow a growing fruit tree the following: -

Star Fruit Health Benefits

The star fruit also known as carambola is a tropical fruit that is grown throughout Southeast Asia. The fruit of the star is green when not ripe; the fruit varies from pale yellow to deep fry when ripe. It has four tightly pointed buttocks starting at the bottom, and the soft flesh is wrapped in a thin, light skin (eaten with meat). When the fruit is cut across each piece it is shaped like a star, hence it is called, “the fruit of the star.”

The fruit, which is widely eaten fresh or as a juice, is rich in vitamins A and C and is high in iron, and high in fiber. The taste varies from sour to sweet, one of the ways to distinguish the sour from the sweet is that the first one has small ribs, while the last one has big, fleshy flesh. The unripe fruit of the star is preserved in most parts of Southeast Asia and is used as a traditional remedy.

Cut and eat star fruit

Seeing a star fruit (or starfruit) in a store can be a little scary or seem ‘very unusual’ if you’ve never cut and eaten it yourself, but don’t be afraid, it’s fun and easy. The best-looking star fruit may not be the most ripe and tasty, so the right choice is important. Your best bet is to get a fruit with a small amount of green on the edges and a very rich orange color. This may mean that there are brown edges, but if they are small, that means they are well ripe.

I tried to buy the fruits of the green stars and let them ripen to a bright orange color, but they are always more bitter than getting the fruit from the station that spent a lot of time ripening on the tree. It’s beaten up or really lost, so if you find a good source for them, stick to it. In Costa Rica there is a farmers’ market in the Pavas area of San José with many star stalls, which they call carambola, but we have our favorite. You may find that the market is about 500 feet [500 m] off the main road running along Palí in Pavas every Saturday morning.

Star Fruit is great for your health

Carambola without the star fruit, now star fruit is found all over Andhra Pradesh and India and, it looks like a star if you cut the fruit horizontally, this juicy fruit tastes good to eat, so people can eat the fruit directly, because of the wax cover on the star fruit the fruit shines like grapes, fully ripe fruit is yellow and sweet, sour is very little in ripe star fruit, but we can’t say the exact taste of the Star fruit, some The body says the taste of this Star fruit is a mixed taste of apple, pear and orange fruit, but some people say the taste was mixed with fruit. of Papaya, Orange and Grapefruit, but the green Star Fruit has a green color and some other sour taste, but there are two types of Star fruit sour fruit and sweet fruit, sweet star fruit is sour it lasts from summer to autumn and sour fruit will be available from late summer to mid-winter

Star Fruit has many healing properties

Anti-oxidants, fiber and vitamin C are found mainly in Star fruits,

Star fruit lowers Cholesterol and relieves constipation

Star fruit reduces the effect of jaundice on the body

A good star fruit to reduce heat, reduce excess heat in summer and protect from sunburn

Star fruit is perfect for mothers of newborn babies to get plenty of breast milk

The fruit of the star will reduce the burning sensation of the eyes

Star fruit is best for digestion, flue fever and cold are also eliminated

Star fruit will reduce weight not as much as Kokum fruit and love fruit, best for obese patients

Be careful: but avoid eating this fruit for those with kidney problems

So this all about star fruit.




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